Available Space

Once you have decided on a space we can draw a “3-D” layout of the floor plan to see if your furniture and space requirements are being satisfied.  If modifications are necessary, we are equipped to renovate our spaces.  Let’s talk about your needs.



1)  Full-time building superintendent staff on duty Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m.

       until 4:00 p.m.

2)  Full-time janitorial staff operates in the evenings, Monday through Friday, for trash

      removal on a nightly basis plus vacuuming and/or sweeping twice per week.  Fine   

      cleaning is available for an extra charge upon request.

3)  Your company’s name will be added to our directory in the main lobby and on the

       Bondi Building website to include a link to your web page upon request.

4)  The Bondi Building main lobby display case is available on a first come, first serve

       basis, to promote your business.

5)  Broadband DSL service is available at no charge, subject to, a one time pre-wiring fee.

6)  We provide water and common area electricity utilities throughout the building

       at no additional charge to our tenants.  Natural gas is billed monthly in addition to

       the rent, during the months of October through April, as prorated on the square

       footage leased. Electricity, telephone and faxing are the tenant’s responsibility.

7)  Tenant improvement allowances are available, on a case-by-case basis, and can be

       amortized in your lease.

8)  Conference Center is available to all tenants by appointment, at no extra charge.

9)  Twenty-Seven Security Cameras provide 24/7 surveillance for the Bondi Building.




Stand-alone properties, outside of 311 East Main Street locations, are triple net and

janitorial services are not included in the lease.


All pricing and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Sample Floor Plan

About Our Floor Plans










Suite 300        Approximately 400 s.f.

Suite 412        Approximately 1,200 s.f. Available 6-1-23

Suite 415        Approximately 400 s.f.

Suite 418        Approximately 400 s.f.

Suite 500        Approximately 360 s.f.

Suite 511        Approximately  1,250 s.f.

Suite 519        Approximately 200 s.f.

335 EMS Suite E*+Confer Rm F*+:Approx. 400 s.f.




Storage Opt*#+ Approximately    200 s.f.

Storage Opt*#+ Approximately    400 s.f.

*item 2 below not included

+item 6 below not included

#Includes an allowance for electricity

** Note: Space could be improved for occupancy subject to price changing for upgrade

$    250.00

$    720.00

$    265.00

$    265.00

$    260.00

$    700.00

$    140.00

$    350.00





$    100.00